Front 3 with Pat Moore


For the third installment of Front 3, we have tapped one of our favorite East Coast born and bred riders, Pat Moore, to share some fast opinions on everything from music, to tattoos, to traveling, to surfers. Well, one surfer in particular. Pat is the perfect person to provide responses in this column of quick hits because not only does he rip on a snowboard, he also shoots straight in conversation. So enjoy these upfront answers to our particular questions from this New Hampshire-born dirt.

3 people with the best LFOD tattoos you've seen
– Danny Garrity.
– Scotty Lago.
– Will Shields.

3 favorite photos you have gotten
– First photo ran- Tim Zimmerman photo from my On Deck.
– Superpark frontside invert cover.
– First Forum ad with Blauvelt with all the naked babes.

3 reasons you wanted to bring ASS Wax back
– Best Company Ever.
– For the stickers! I love ASS is classic!
– To bring something awesome back into snowboarding.

3 things about growing up at Waterville Valley
– The Boneyard!
– Witnessing and participating at World Quarters- the best contest of all time.
– The best dudes ever teaching us about snowboarding, chicks, and the world.


p: Mike Azevedo

3 ways to spend time on an international flight
– Boozin’.
– Movies.
– Sleep after staying up the night before.

3 songs you do karaoke to
– “You are Beautiful” by Christina Aguliera.
– “Bite it You Scum” by GG Allin.
– “Waving My Dick in the Wind” by WEEN.

3 things about judging the X Games
– People treat you like shit once they learn you’re a judge.
– You get all the benefits of being in the X Games without competing.
– You still get to go to the Target party.

3 things people don’t know about Ian Walsh
– He’s gone snowboarding maybe twenty times and twelve of those are in AK with Rice.
– He’s actually an Cast Coaster–born in Rhode Island.
– His brothers rule. If you go to Maui buy yourself a SkullBase shirt so you don’t get BEAT!

3 things that make someone a buzzard
– General hygiene.
– Stupid comments.
– Or if someone gets you super stoked you can yell out a “Ya Buzzard!”

p: Tim Zimmerman

p: Tim Zimmerman

3 albums everyone should own
– GG Allin, “Carnival of Excess”.
– Roky Erickson, “Holiday Inn Tapes”.
– Slayer, “Seasons in the Abyss”.

3 reasons your mom is the coolest
– She gave birth and raised me–duh.
– She likes drinkin’ with Bridges.
– She allowed World Quarters at Waterville.

3 most unique things you’ve done with Red Bull
Brother’s on the Run camping trip in the Denali range.
– Indoor resort tour in Europe when I was like 17.
– Colorado skate trip with Biebel and Decenzo.

3 things you think right before you drop into an intimidating line or feature
– Send it for Chilly.
– What would Travis do?
– Damnit… Don’t be a pussy.

3 things you miss about Forum
– The team, such a fun group of guys!
– Europe video tours.
– Cabo team trips.