Rider Profile: Danny Davis

photo: Aaron Blatt

Danny Davis has always possessed a moniker that turns heads when announced over a loud speaker, but over the past few winters this Michigan-bred-now-Tahoe-local has grown into one of snowboarding’s favorite transition talents. With every chicken wing McTwist and switch method Danny employs to switch up the standard pipe contest fare, he further cements his riding into the consciouness of snowboarders, both fans of the contest circuit and beyond. Danny’s easy, yet overt style in the halfpipe is a harbinger of his talent in other terrain, as well and while he’s been rising up the bar at X Games and the Open, he’s been raising it both out of bounds and in, going off piste in between attacking creative park set ups. This last winter, Danny linked up with The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution crew to film a part alongside Burton teammates Mikkel Bang and Ben Ferguson, in addition to backcountry icon Jake Blauvelt, and street legends Louif Paradis and Chris Grenier–fellow riders who have, at various times, split their seasons between judged lines and filming parts. While Danny’s far from shutting down his momentum when competing, he’s also ramping up his time spent in front of the camera and we’re sure his segment in Resolution is going to be golden. – Mary Walsh

DOB: 6/22/1988
Home Mountain: Alpine Valley, MI
Instagram: @travelindan
Sponsors: Mountain Dew, Burton, Dragon



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