Rider Profile: Ethan Deiss

p: Mike Yoshida
p: Mike Yoshida

Even without the glasses prominently perched upon his face, it’s apparent that Ethan Deiss is a wide-eyed kid enjoying everything that getting paid to snowboard has to offer and his outlook is palpable. Another Midwest rail master, Ethan’s meteoric rise to the pro ranks in 2009 was instigated by the online release of his Role Model Production’s Think Positive part. Since then, Ethan has kept his attitude intact with all four eyes on the prize, spending this last season with his sites set on an The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD stunner. – Pat Bridges

D.O.B.: 10/6/1991
Home Mountain: Trollhaugen, Wisconsin
Instagram: @lostfurby
Sponsors: Burton, Analog, Monster, FLP

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