Rider Profile: Hans Mindnich

p: Phil Tifo
p: Phil Tifo

We used to be so close, but lately I’ve lost touch with the edge of my board. This is probably why I am so envious of the relationship Hans Mindnich has with his. Whenever I see them together he has his hands all over it. Take the tailgrab Taipans, (i.e. tailpans) Hans threw while filming in Lake Louise last winter. Not only was he able to reach back behind his front leg with his lead hand and snatch his toe edge firmly, but Hans also simultaneously groped the tail of his board with his trailing appendage. Then he poked it! Far from offensive, it was art. Maybe if I show my board Hans’s part, some The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD PDA will bring us back together again. – Pat Bridges

DOB: February 2, 1993
Stance: Goofy
Home Mountain: Stowe, Vermont
Instagram: @hanzkyle
Sponsors: Salomon, The North Face, Von Zipper, Elm Company, Darkside Snowboard Shop
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