Rider Profile: Iikka Backstrom


Talma, a humble hill on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland has graduated countless Scandinavian snowboarding savants, yet few of them are as charismatic or have been as prolific as Iikka Backstrom. As a Finnish rider who spent the last decade filming in BC, Iikka is a product of influence. The calculated precision of Jussi Oksanon can be seen in Iikka, as well as the intuitive grace of Devun Walsh. As much as this cross-cultural high-country pollination makes for an awesome bag of tricks, an insane style and one hell of a video part-producing machine, it can manifest itself off the snow in all sorts of mischief as it is arguable who parties harder: The Canucks and The Wildcats or The Finns and The Trulli Clan. – Pat Bridges

D.O.B.: 10/25/1984
Home Mountain: Anywhere with good snow
Instagram: @iikkabackstrom
Sponsors: DC, Electric California, Airhole, Mizu, Drink Water, Stance, Active

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