Rider Profile: Mark Sollors

p: Phil Tifo
p: Phil Tifo

Even though the photos and footage were obviously shot outdoors, people still insist on labeling it as the BC Interior. Furthermore, even BC is a misnomer, because images obviously aren’t thousands of years old. Go figure. Despite having a season rife with setbacks, Mark Sollors still managed to capitalize on his place on the The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD marquee. Whether he was timelessly poking his nose above the horizon in Banff or skimming down steel in the land of the rising sun, Mark’s optimism was infectious, which, truth be told, was way better than if his injuries had been infectious. – Pat Bridges

D.O.B.: 4/20/1986
Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb, BC
Instagram: @marksollors
Sponsors: Burton, Monster, Electric California, WB Showcase

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