Rider Profile: Scott Blum

p: Ryan "Huggy" Hughes
p: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

As a new age snowboarding anti-hero, Scott Blum has never seen a rope he didn’t feel like ducking. Both a person of conviction and of convictions, Blum is an ideal counterpoint to the commodification of our sport, where seemingly everything has been watered down well beyond a PG-13 rating to basically after school special status. His nothing-to-lose attitude comes from the reality that he literally has nothing to lose. He lives in his car, rides every day, then skates ’till the sun goes down. All anyone needs to do is see him rise arm’s reach above the coping of a three-story cement incline in Detroit or check out the initials inked on his leg to realize that Blum is straight fuckin’ down. – Pat Bridges

D.O.B.: 7/29/1986
Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain, CA
Instagram: @blottscum
Sponsors: Volcom, Val Surf, Rev’d, Technine, Vestal, Drink Water, Mammoth Mountain, CA, Grenade, Bluebird Wax, Cobra Dogs

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