Words: Evan LeFebvre

Alex Sherman a.k.a. Littlest is the coolest kid I know. A few of his favorite things are rap music, weed, and candy. Lil' is always stoked and never bummed, so he makes any activity like boarding or dolching a lot more fun. Also, he's always down for a heavy game of rock paper scissors—last summer when we were up at Hood he lost a heated game and had to drink milk and eat cheese all day—only dairy. Then he lost another game the next day and had to shit his own pants. I'm backin' Littlest hard. He's a stylish boarder, a stylish individual, and you will be seeing a lot more of his baby faced thug mug in snowboarding for years to come.

Stance: goofy, 12, -12, 22.5".

Sponsors: Smith, Rossignol, Exit Real World, Dakine, Snack Pack, Skeleton Crew.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon; Park City, Utah.

Home mountain: Mount Hood, Park City, The Canyons.

Setup: Rossi Justice 145, Burton Doom, Nike boots.

Special tuning: Take my edges off on a base grinder for rails. Out of the package for anything else.

Tricks: Stale fish grab, front three.

Terrain: Anything fun.

Food: Candy.

Drink: Grape soda.

Hobbies: El dolch?

Heroes: Biggie, S.C.O., Tyler a.k.a. Kid Mungen, Dirks, Jarad Hadi, Indian, Big Mountain EV, AP Walker not JP.

Music: I only like homo shit.

Places to ride: Powder Mountain.

People to ride with: Skeleton fo' life.

Places to party: Where da weed at?

People to party with: All my homies in Park City.

Best moment on a snowboard: at Pow Mow on any day.

Best moment off a snowboard: Skeleton RV trip.

Quote: “Do you want to get raped?”