Words: Evan LeFebvre

Alex Sherman a.k.a. Littlest is the coolest kid I know. A few of his favorite things are rap music, weed, and candy. Lil' is always stoked and never bummed, so he makes any activity like boarding or dolching a lot more fun. Also, he's always down for a heavy game of rock paper scissors--last summer when we were up at Hood he lost a heated game and had to drink milk and eat cheese all day--only dairy. Then he lost another game the next day and had to shit his own pants. I'm backin' Littlest hard. He's a stylish boarder, a stylish individual, and you will be seeing a lot more of his baby faced thug mug in snowboarding for years to come.

Stance: goofy, 12, -12, 22.5".

Sponsors: Smith, Rossignol, Exit Real World, Dakine, Snack Pack, Skeleton Crew.

Hometown: Portland, Oregon; Park City, Utah.

Home mountain: Mount Hood, Park City, The Canyons.

Setup: Rossi Justice 145, Burton Doom, Nike boots.

Special tuning: Take my edges off on a base grinder for rails. Out of the package for anything else.

Tricks: Stale fish grab, front three.

Terrain: Anything fun.

Food: Candy.

Drink: Grape soda.

Hobbies: El dolch?

Heroes: Biggie, S.C.O., Tyler a.k.a. Kid Mungen, Dirks, Jarad Hadi, Indian, Big Mountain EV, AP Walker not JP.

Music: I only like homo shit.

Places to ride: Powder Mountain.

People to ride with: Skeleton fo' life.

Places to party: Where da weed at?

People to party with: All my homies in Park City.

Best moment on a snowboard: at Pow Mow on any day.

Best moment off a snowboard: Skeleton RV trip.

Quote: “Do you want to get raped?”