Photo: Crispin Cannon

Though a pretty flower she is, Laura Hadar is more of a snowboarder and less of a model. Let's be real here, there's a fine line there that a number of her counterparts are walkin' on and it's clear that Laura didn't show up to shoot lifeys. She showed up to drop hammers and take names … and possibly throw a few ninja stars. A bit more rough and tumble than some of her peers, Hades shreds to the beat of her own drum—a beat that's somewhere in between Slayer and Wu-Tang … but not rap-rock 'cause no one really likes that. Hadar is the shit. If you're in the greater SLC area drop into Laura's boutique clothing shop, FICE; check out the goods and wares, and big up the girl on her recent signing with the infamous CAPiTA Super Corporation—boom, boom!

– Evan LeFebvre

Stance: Super Sweet

Sponsors: CAPiTA, Holden, Oakley, Nike Snowboarding, Coal, Grenade, Milo Sport.

Hometown: OG Carbondale, Colorado; and 5 yrs deep in SLC, UT.

Home mountain: Snowbird.

Setup: CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy 147.

Special tuning: Only for street boards really.

Tricks: b/s 180's, s f/s 5's, indys, and pow slashers.

Terrain: Two feet of fresh at the bird, with Forrest or Benne P.

Food: Ooo, mom's cookin'. She just came and visited and brought a chicken from a farm real close to her house. We roasted it, and it was the best thing I've eaten in days, and days, and days.

Drink: Mmm. San Pelegrino with ice and a slice of lemon.

Hobbies: Bike riding, soccer, baseball, kickball, climbing, ninja training, trail running, dancing, photo taking, writing, roof top hanging, push ups, library browsing, style watching, thrift store shopping, skateboarding, wine drinking, naked swimming, sister talks, river rafting, camping and backpacking.

Heroes: Bad Brad Wheeler of KRCL, Marisa Del Santao, Angela Brown of Slug Magazine, Lance Saunders of Kilby Court, Bob Dylan, Peaches, and Mike Paul Plumb.

Music: Dylan, Grateful Dead, Indian Jewelry, Mt. St Helens Vietnam Band, Chromeo, Ratatat, Flash & Flare, Corey Bolo, The Black Lips, The Ramones, Mistfits, old NOFX, The Supremes, Bo Diddly, Cat Stevens, Afrodita, Slayer, Pentagram, Jethro Tull, Black Keys, Fleet Foxes, Portishead, Wu-Tang clan (duh!), Nas, Tupac, the occasional 92.5, Lady Bug Lounge on KRCL, Fucktards, Lazer Fang, Birthquake, and my favorite—singing to myself.

Places to ride: Snowbird! Brighton backcountry, the streets, Mt. hood, and the occasional Park City.

People to ride with: IZZY! The homies. Team Thunder Crew, randoms you meet on the lift, Des face petite la shat.

Places to party: Um, any place with good people is a good party. But I've had some of my best "party nights" in Denver with the wet crew, in hood with Micha and Gus, in Portland with my sister, in Salt Lake all last summer with all my BBF's (Best Bar Friends).

People to party with: Yeah! Mike Brown, Corey Bullough, T. Dopp and the Nike team.

Best moment on a snowboard: First run I ever took.

Best moment off a snowboard: Losing my V card!  Psyche!

Quote: "Pep it up!"