Words: Evan LeFebvre

The land of 10,000 lakes has bred many a fine shredder. Ricky Tucker is among the finest. Ricky's first appearance on snowboarding's big screen was in Kidsnow's sophmore and final release, Love/Hate. His shots were sick, his moves were stylish, and there was a definite buzz going around about the kid. Then as fast as he came in, it seemed like Rick was gone. But he didn't burn out, or pile out like many an up and coming shredder has, he went to school. Ricky is currently finishing up a degree in Chemical Engineering at University of Minnesota—forget Team Manager, that's a proper fallback plan. And to boot, Ricky's stepped back into snowboarding's limelight as of late. He got creative with his schooling schedule and spent the past year filming with the recently reformed People crew and will have a long awaited full part in their video, Nice Try. Be sure to check that out when it drops this fall, and then take a break from all those snowboard videos and go to school, little boy.

Stance: 23.5", regular. Degrees = 21, -9.

Sponsors: Nitro, Oakley, Holden, ThirtyTwo, Crewsayders, Skeleton Crew, Cody and all my friends, Estate, Ma n Pa.

Hometown: Edina, MN.

Home mountain: Hyland Hills.

Setup: Ah, rookie 158 mid wide, Raiden Machine, ThirtyTwo Ulralight.

Special tuning: Rails = no edge. Park/Pow = sharper, carving is snowboarding.

Tricks: Wild card (fs 180), any grab, or 360.

Terrain: All and every.

Food: Fruit.

Drink: Scotch and water at the moment.

Hobbies: Reading, hunting, arting, crafting, sewing, skating, biking, living, wanting, loving.

Heroes: Howard Roark, Hunter S. Thompson, Davinci, Marc Bolan, Ted Nugent, and those who I hang out with.

Music: It's on, and damn its good.

Places to ride: The steep and the deep, sunny slushy days, snowy city nights, smooth sidewalks.

People to ride with: Those who send it.

Places to party: Anywhere with good jams and good company.

People to party with: Anyone lookin' for a good time.

Best moment on a snowboard: Mid-airtime.

Best moment off a snowboard: Laughing.

Quote: "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." —Ayn Randds: