Words: Evan LeFebvre

Native Salt Laker, Will Tuddenham rounded out Team Thunder's 2008 release, Gold Country with an awesome last part, and he's following it up this year with a coveted, and very anticipated spot in the upcoming People video, Nice Try. Will is getting into the big leagues now, and we're stoked. He's a highly talented individual, making a name for himself without a board sponsor. And we can tell you Will is definitely worth lots of money, heaps of it. He doesn't suck. I mean as you're reading this he's in the act of getting coverage! Team Manager's heed our warning and hit this kid up before the next one does, and get your company name wedged right in there between Ashbury and L1. Pay a little more and you can probably even get your name up front.

Stance: Goof.

Sponsors: Ashbury, L1, Blindside.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT.

Home mountain: Brighton.

Setup: whatever I can get.

Special tuning: Always detune a little, but especially for railing.

Tricks: Stalefish and trying to catch small transitions … especially trying to catch small transitions.

Terrain: Wall hits at Brighton.

Food: Del Taco.

Drink: Pibb, Dr. Pepper, or Coke.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, playing the guitar.

Heroes: Family and friends.

Music: Rap or rock or pretty much anything.

Places to ride: Brighton, The Spot, Rail Gardens, Mt. Hood.

People to ride with: Jon, Jordan, Jake, Seth, Ben G., Cody, Jarad, Harrison, Nandez.

Places to party: Jordans house.

People to party with: Jon, Jordan, Ben G. (before he is blacked out), Cody, Shad, Harrison.

Best moment on a snowboard: Anytime I'm with my friends.

Best moment off a snowboard: Playing video games or watching basketball.

Quote: "Second hand smoke = second hand coolness".