Riksgränsen is is one of snowboarding's most subdued proving grounds. For a quarter of a century, the eclectic peaks and sharp valleys skirting the border between Sweden and Norway have provided the stage for many of our sports most iconic moments. From Terje's multi-hit gully runs in Subjekt Haakonsen to Ingemar Beckman's multi-story sender at The King of the Hill in 1996 to countless railroad wall sessions as seen in Robotfood, Mack Dawg and Absinthe films, Riksgränsen's pedigree is rife with pivotal snowboarding moments. Adding to this canon was last weeks King Of The Hill reunion where modern day icons like Sven Thogren, Alek Oestreng and Scott Stevens traded tricks and matched styles with legends like Ingemar Beckman, Joni Malmi, Johan Olofsson and Terje Haakonsen. Check out this video by Swedish shred cinema auteur Pierre Wikberg that juxtaposes timeless imagery with some of last week’s memories in the making. Enjoy.