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Kids On Shred aka Rome Snowboards has a strong pedigree of team video production. Their first two releases, Any Means and No Correct Way were raw and entertaining reflections of an eclectic crew of riders dead set on stomping tricks and laying down tracks on their own terms. Rome’s pro squad spent last winter with camera’s in tow diligently documenting their alpine antics for their highly anticipated return to the team video arena. The Shred Remains is the result of a seasons worth of sessions and is once again poised to serve as a cold fluffer on TV and computer screens across the high country for kids looking to get turned on before getting off on the snow. Featuring LNP, Johnny Lazz, Bjorn Leines, MFR, Rusty Ockenden, Will Lavigne, Stale Sandbech, Marie Hucal, Lucas Debari and their AM Army. Available Fall 2011.