Last spring, a perfectly sculpted Norwegian kicker beckoned and three Rome Snowboards riders responded to the call: Norway’s own RK1 icons, Stale Sandbech and Alek Oestreng and Oregon-raised recruit, Jeff Hopkins arrived at the Folgefonna glacier, hitched a ride behind the sleds, and stood at the top of the drop in, ready to point it down the corduroy toward the take-off. While the three emerged from distant geographical corners of snowboarding, as soon as they began to lap the jump, their riding was immediately cohesive, enhanced by the days of long-lasting sunlight and no-pressure environment that catalyzed trick after trick to be sent seemingly effortlessly through the atmosphere. Methods, slow threes, sevens, no-grabs, double grabs, boned-out grabs–mellow and distinct style propelled the crew and a proper session went down above the Scandinavian skyline. From straight airs to doubles, single lines to party lines, Rome’s One Jump session is a testament to the striking snowboarding that goes down when you provide a group of capable riders with a jump to destroy, no time limits and no guidelines. What emerges is the what’s not only fun to throw, but fun to watch, too. So sit back and enjoy the sideways musings of Stale, Jeff, and Alek in One Jump.