Alek Østreng, multifaceted on hill annihilator and member of the Norwegian triumvirate that is RK1, is the newest member of the Rome Snowboards pro team, joining fellow RK1 apostles Len Jørgensen and Ståle Sandbech. Alek’s ability to craft video segments that are equal parts in bounds, off piste, and inner city all connected with unrivaled fluidity, has cemented him in snowboarding’s consciousness. Of late, one shot #hammergrams have even further committed his board control and air awareness to memory. While there’s plenty to be said about how smooth Alek’s style is and how deep his bag of tricks is, the riding sensibilities of this Norwegian rider are best communicated when he is strapped in, and whether it’s a behemoth booter or consequential redirect that stands in between Alek and his landing, there is no doubt whatever happens from take-off to touch down will be worth watching. Welcome to Rome Snowboards, Mr. Østreng.

From Rome Snowboards:

June 10th, 2015

One third of RK1.
One of the most unique styles in snowboarding. One of the most technical riders in any terrain.

…and the newest addition to the Rome SDS team, Alek Østreng.

With this addition, the SDS adds a rider with a snowboarding resume that demands attention. With years of filming full parts, competing in 5-star events and constantly producing online edits with RK1, it's clear that Alek's riding speaks for itself. His stoke for snowboarding is undeniable and shared with his close friends and RK1 members, Len Jørgensen and Ståle Sandbech.

"We always dreamed about being on the same team and now it's finally happened!" – Ståle Sandbech.

So crack a beer and join everyone at the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate as we cheers to welcoming Alek Østreng to our team!

Here's to a great addition to the Rome family!