Jenna Dramise

Words: Laura Austin
Photos: Peter Morning

There isn't much you can do when Mother Nature pops some Ex-Lax and dumps upwards of 5 feet of new snow the weekend of a competition, well other then getting out and riding neck deep powder. Sometimes you just have to make the most out of what you are given, and that is just what Roxy did for the Chicken Jam at Mammoth Mountain.

Roxy Chicken Jam 04

The winner Kelly Marren.

Despite the massive amounts of fresh powder, the Mammoth Mountain crew was still able to clear out the halfpipe on Friday to hold an early finals before more snow hit the ground. Due to the high winds Kelly Clark, Torah Bright, and Elena Hight decided to sit this one out. If you were airing out of the pipe you would have definitely been pushed around a little. With those three out, it gave the rest of the field some time to shine. Kelly Marren ended up taking the win and the $15,000 prize purse. I bet she didn't see that one coming.

This is what $15,000 looks like. R: Kelly Marren

Saturday we had to sit back and let nature take it's course with high winds and whiteouts, preventing the slopestyle event from taking place. To make the most out of the situation Roxy split the girls into teams of 3, equipped them with GoPro cameras and let them loose on the mountain. The team that comes back with the best footage will be announced and awarded on April 11th.

Roxy Chicken Jam 03

Making lemonade out of lemons.

With the difficult snow conditions, the Roxy Chicken Jam became more about the nightlife than the competition itself. Saturday Trouble Andrew and La Roux put on a show for a lodge full of people. Early on the free show hit capacity and people had to be turned away. Afterwards the chaos moved to the Hyde Lounge for an equally as crowded after party. That's a wrap for the 2011 Roxy Chicken Jam, as Roxy Snow Team Manager put it, "This year Mother Nature gave us lemons but we made lemonade out of it".

Roxy Chicken Jam 02

If this is the Roxy Chicken Jam.... does that make all these girls chickens?

2011 Roxy Chicken Jam Halfpipe Results
1. Kelly Marren
2. Leslie Glenn
3. Chloe Kim

Roxy Chicken Jam 08

Halfpipe winners: Leslie Clenn, Kelly Marren, and Chloe Kim.

Roxy Chicken Jam 07

Watch out Jake Welch.

Roxy Chicken Jam 01

Eddie Wall made an appearance and played a set Friday night at the Hyde Lounge. We are going to assume he didn't play his Hannah Teter song, tough crowd.

Roxy Chicken Jam 09

Trouble Andrew

Roxy Chicken Jam 06

One of these kids was probably kicked in the face when Trevor Andrew unexpectedly did a stage dive.

Roxy Chicken Jam 10

La Roux

Roxy Chicken Jam 11

After party at the Hyde Lounge. Is it safe to let fire hydrants loose point-blank into people's faces? Either way, we are jealous of the person behind the hydrant.

Roxy Chicken Jam 12

Full house.