Sage Kotsenburg Wins Men’s Most Valuable Video Player—2020 Snowboarder Awards

words by Mary Walsh
While it’s the collective effort of the crew that made 2020 Movie of the Year nominee Joy such a pleasure to watch, there was resounding insistence that Sage Kotsenburg earn Men’s Most Valuable Video Player of 2020 for his clips in that film. While Sage’s Chad’s Gap ender, for many of the 2020 ROTY voters was enough to place him squarely in the nominees for men’s MVVP, his entire performance was so comprehensive; truly the culmination of the past few seasons for the Park City native, come to fruition. Sage’s riding resonated throughout all of snowboarding. “Sage’s backcountry years have been polished to create a once-in-a-lifetime video part that pushes snowboarding by doing major tricks at famous spots and memorable tricks with style and poise,” said Jackson Hole native, Blake Paul. “He’s transitioned far out of the contest world and cemented himself in backcountry snowboarding history with his video part in Joy.” Authoritative Manboy, Rusty Ockenden agreed, “If there was an Olympic gold medal for filming, Sage would have won it this year. However, there isn’t. So he will have to settle for, ummm…street cred.” There were arguably no more anticipated shots in 2019 than the ones that Sage collected and when his snowboarding lit up the screen, it surpassed even the most lofty expectations, resulting in a video part that will stand the test of time. Said Travis Rice, whose own riding at Chad’s Gap made a monumental impact in 2004, “Sage landed the trick of the year on Chad’s with his part in Joy as the foundation.” It doesn’t get more official than that.

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