Sarka Pancochova: 2010 Women's Rookie of the Year

Sarka Pancochova, Montafon, Austria. Photo: Matt Georges

Sarka Pancochova, Montafon, Austria. Photo: Matt Georges


Sarka (pronounced "Shark-a") Pancochova is out to kick women's snowboarding in the babymaker, and she's doing just that, one contest at a time. At the Burton Canadian Open, Sarka put down a pre-contest practice run that puzzled the field, and the Czech native continued her path of destruction by dominating the US Open quarterpipe contest, narrowly (and confusingly) missing the top spot on the podium. Regardless, Pancochova went on to win the first-ever women's category of the infamous fire-jumping, beer-tossing frenzy that is the World Quarterpipe Championships.

Last year's Women's Rider of the Year Jamie Anderson has taken notice of Sarka, saying, "She just came out of nowhere and started killing it!" ROTY regular Marie-France Roy has already dubbed her "the next big thing," as well. Simply stated, Sarka is a threat to women worldwide who ride a snowboard for a living, and she's not gonna stop at anything until she's re-written the book on how women go about their winters. Ladies, look out—Sarka Pancochova is the real deal, and she's dropping in right behind you.

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