Sarka Pancochova is the best overall female rider in the world today. Some may see this as a bold claim, but that's what opening sentences are for. I've seen Sarka rule jumps, halfpipes, rails, liftlines, quarterpipes, and trampolines; you name it and she shreds it. These skills easily earned her the first-ever Women's World Quarterpipe Championship title this past spring. (Her ability to do backside rodeos over fires while having all manner of debris hurled straight at her Balkan head didn't hurt, either.)
––Pat Bridges

Date of Birth: 01.11.90
Home Mtn: Morava Pico, Czech Republic
Stance: Regular

Interview: Martin Cerník ––

This was the first year for you on the international scene going for the World Championship and rocking the TTR. Do you feel it made big changes for you, your lifestyle, and your riding?

My lifestyle changed so much last season. I started to travel a lot, met new people, saw new countries, and many other things; I'm super-stoked for that. But this season I [also] found out that snowboarding is really hard work and not just my hobby. I am a re- ally responsible person, and I wanted to ride as hard as possible, not just stay in the Czech Republic like other people that I know.

Where do you find your inspiration for riding, and how do you motivate yourself to improve? Is there a secret strategy?

I ride all season with guys like you and my boyfriend Jan Notime. You both push me to try new stuff, and I just do it. Jan is very progressive and is learning new tricks very fast. As the only pro rider from our country, you shared your experience from the international scene with me. I know that I can do whatever I want—I just need help starting out, and after that, it works perfectly.

Everyone has a dream. What is yours?

I would like to earn as much money from snowboarding as possible so I can buy a big house in Mayrhofen and stay there for the rest of my life. I also would like to change girls snowboarding. It needs to change a lot with some new tricks and better style.

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BOARD: Flow Jewel

BOOT: Flow Lotus

BOOT: Flow Lotus

BINDING: Flow Essence

BINDING: Flow Essence

HELMET: Bern Watts (Carbon G)

HELMET: Bern Watts (Carbon G)