It’s the season of Strange Brew. Tahoe’s getting dumped on, on a daily basis and the crew is living the Tahoe flophouse dream. With eight to twelve-plus people wandering the hallways of their house on a daily basis, there’s plenty of man power to build up their backyard set up, and then plenty of talent to ride the hell out of it. In the first edition of SB Backyard BS, there’s plenty of hams, including some clutch filmer shots from Danny Kern, an appearance from @wilkyboi, the most proper of style from Riley Nickerson and then and ender full of WTFs from Kale “He is literally everywhere” Hill. Nice work, gents. We eagerly await the next drop.

From Strange Brew:

We got like eight permanent residents living in a three bedroom, with a seemingly endless influx of motherfuckers visiting. We had no choice but to build up the backyard to keep people entertained. Thanks to Zander we got a couple downrails and with the help of everyone in this short (plus some more) we were able to push snow to make some other interesting features. Season passes are now on sale for $250, which gets you unlimited access to the terrain park (open from 10am to midnight) and base lodge amenities, including bath, weed, VHS lounge, and bar. DM @strangebr3w for inquiries. Bitch.

Featuring Brett Wilkinson, Chad Blau, Felix Mobarg, Casey Pletz, Jordan Wells, Zander Blackmon, Danny Kern, Brett Wulc, Riley Nickerson, and Kael Hill.

Filmed by Keenan Cawley, Brett Wulc, and Danny Kern.

Edited by Brett Wulc.