Santa's huge sack of swag has nothing on Scott Stevens' big bag of tricks. For SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s “12 Days Of Christmas” presented by GoPro, Scott and the Change That Tape crew terrorized Park City with a seemingly endless array of butter, block, and one-foot variations. Unfortunately, this “12 Days Of Christmas” edit doesn't include subtitles, so good luck translating these tricks to your local slopes. With cameos from riders like Deadlung, Justin Benne, Ted Borland and many many more as well as some top notch acting from Austen Granger you’re not gonna want to miss this. If you like this edit, then you'll probably love a chance at winning a brand new CAPiTA Horrorscope. Just go to SNOWBOARDER's Facebook page to sign up for our “12 Days Of Christmas” giveaway, where we will be gifting a new board at 5pm PST every day until the 24th of December. Enter once, and you have a chance to win every day. On Christmas Day, we'll be holding a bonus giveaway of several Woodward Tahoe Camp scholarships. Today's prize is a brand new CAPiTA Horroscope.

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