Scotty James Wins Modified Pipe Finals at Dew Tour Breckenridge

words: T. Bird | Photos: Clavin

Lemme start off by telling you that the Dew Tour Pipe contest was certainly not your average halfpipe event. This year, the event organizers modified the pipe to include a spine jump entry, a shorter version of a natural superpipe, tombstone transfer jumps and dueling hips at the bottom of the course. This implored the riders to use their creativity. Those who could both think outside the box and put down a clean, balanced run would be set to take the win.

Call a plumber, this pipe looks broken. Chase Josey airing one out. p: Clavin

The field was stacked with ten of the best to do it in today's modern landscape. Danny Davis, Pat Burgener, Raibu Katayama, Gabe Ferguson, Jake Pates, Scotty James, Ben Ferguson, Chase Josey, Toby Miller and Taylor Gold took to this setup like a bunch of bats outta hell but in the end, it was Australian Scotty James who took the win with a score in the 90s, followed up by Chase Josey in second and Toby Miller in third. Scotty included double corks with slow, stylish spins and massive amplitude. He threw down a first run score that couldn't be beat by the rest of the field.

Scotty with a stylish entry off the first hit. p: Clavin

Another insane day at Breckenridge is over. Tomorrow is the final day with women's modified superpipe and men's slopestyle finals, so be sure to check back to see how the 2018 Dew Tour ultimately ends up!

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