From E-Stone:

I know it is February and this gallery is way late but I got a lot of resolutions to go through. Hopefully you are all still down to peep some of my favorite photos from 2016! In the last week of December there was already snow on the ground and I had begun my winter grind of shooting every day! It is hard to pick my favorite shots from the season before when my focus was already on collecting new images for 2017. Now that the smoke has cleared a bit and the pressure of getting some photos stacked has mellowed out… I was able to take a minute and reflect on some of my favorite shots from 2016. It was another awesome season! Every season I'm able to spend chasing around the snow and hanging with all these amazing humans is a blessing for sure. My photos would be nothing with out the shredders who work so hard to get these shots… so props to all the riders I worked with last year. Thanks for everything!

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