Issue Release Nike 6.0 10

Blondes, a fridge full of Red Bull, giant slurpee cups, and the new issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine.... more like the scene from a 14-year-old boy's dreams.

Photos: Laura Austin

Sweat, blood, and tears go into the creation of SNOWBOARDER Magazine so when each issue is released it is a reason to celebrate. In honor of our first issue of the season, it’s new logo, and the redesign of the magazine we threw a party at the Nike 6.0 Motel No Tell in Huntington Beach.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 01

"A hot dog (frankfurter, wiener) is a moist sausage of soft, even texture and flavor, often made from emulsified meat, typically beef and pork, though some recent varieties substitute chicken or turkey. Most types are fully cooked, cured or smoked.". These guys approve.

Throughout the night people shuffled in to mingle, check out the new issue, watch footage from the article “Earn Your Turns Drop Out Then Drop In” we did with the Nike 6.0 team , and meet the cover boy himself, Trevor Jacob. If you haven’t seen the September issue yet, go to your local newsstand or subscribe online here.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 05

Ladies love Trevor Jacob.

For those not yet in the know the Nike 6.0 Notel Motel is unlike any lodging you have ever seen before. The boys from Beaverton book up a whole motel and then revamp the spot by collaborating with renowned artists like Mad Steez and Jimbo Phillips. This years joint is located right in the heart of Surf City and even sports an original standup 720 arcade game in one of the rooms. Be sure to check it out next time you are in the OC or go to for all the details.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 03

A peek at the vibe of Motel's No Tells backyard.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 02

Good ratio. At least for Volcom's, Pat Field, it is.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 07

No Bridges is not singing karaoke, but if he was it would probably be an R. Kelly song.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 04

The Program's John Dewey in the mix.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 09

I am not that tall, but Chris Englesman is... so he took this picture for me.

Issue Release Nike 6.0 08

Trevor Jacob next to his cover of the September issue shot by Tim Zimmerman. By the way, he did that switch.