Seth Hill Season Edit

From Colorado with love.

Seth Hill’s season edit consists of the last year and a half riding around Colorado after suffering a broken back up at Mt. Hood the Summer of 2014. Since overshooting the hip at Hood, Hill is stoked to overshoot his expectations and was able to put out a banger part, all from his adopted home state! Based out of Denver more or less for the past 12 years, Seth has been a favorite at Superpark and has always shown he has no quit.

Charging on a daily basis, Hill talked about the past few winters in Colorado as being less than ideal, with most street spots only staying rideable for a day or two at a time. Every stint when the ground was dusted, Hill would mount up with a filmer and stack clips. We are here to say that his perseverance paid off and we couldn’t be more stoked to see him back at it. Sit back and enjoy a season and a half of good ol’ fashioned hard work!

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