There are a few hallmark things that we over here at SNOWBOARDER Magazine associate with western Pennsylvania: Steelers football, fries on sandwiches, and a diehard local crew of snowboarders who call Seven Springs resort home. The Steelers didn’t make the playoffs and we can’t get Primantis to deliver outside of Pittsburgh, but lucky for us, the third episode of Seven Deadly Edits is the best one yet. In this edition of SDE, Queen Bey serenades some quality boarding from this Midatlantic snowboard paradise. Lensman Brent Mccarron goes from The Streets to The Alley and everywhere in between while Nolan McMullen, Mike Zandron, Hayley Paronish, Kevin Kobasa, Tanner Scott, Andy Davis, Dan Agre, and Cooper Thomas throw down on every rail and jump in front of them.

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