From the time Hans was just a grom, he and his younger brother Nils have been mainstays at SNOWBOARDER events, first descending on the massive kickers of The Launch at Keystone and blowing minds with their ability to drop into any transition in front of them and blast massive and smooth spins with gymnast-level grabs. Hans has always been a snowboarder’s snowboarder and it’s safe to say he’s been straight fucking down since day one. Two seasons ago, he joined the crew filming for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword and gathered a hell of a backcountry segment so going into this year we were stoked to see what Hans would do while filming for SFD.  It’s rad to think that this is only the beginning of Hans’ experience in the backcountry; he’s already throwing ridiculous tricks loaded with style and he’s just begun. Enjoy Hans Mindnich’s uncut footage from filming for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD last season.