Jess Kimura is one of the most dedicated snowboarders you’ll ever meet. Take one look at the hard drive of footy she sent us to edit her part with and there is no doubt that the girl is Straight Fucking Down. Jess charges 100% on everything she does; every shot in her part has about ten gnarly bails to go with it. She has earned everything she got this season. While we are on the topic of people who are SFD, Jess’s longtime filmer Karla Charlton is about as down as they come and also is one of the hardest working filmers in the biz. Looking through all of Jess’s raw footy, it was amazing to see Karla running back and forth setting up a remote long lens and then running to shoot fish eye on almost every shot.

Jess has been part of the SNOWBOARDERMag family for years. It’s clear she’s down for life for shred, so we were so stoked to have her be a part of our movie, SFD. We hope you enjoy Jess Kimura’s full part in this SFD Uncut.

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