Lucas Magoon has the word SNOWBOARDER tattooed on his face. He also has SFD tattooed on him, as well as numerous other snowboarding references permanently ingrained in his skin, so to write an intro for him that says how down for snowboarding he is seems a bit unnecessary. Beyond the tattoos and the larger-than-life persona that surrounds him, people are often surprised how enthusiastic Lucas is and how much he loves snowboarding, all of it.  A few years ago, we almost lost Lucas to a horrible accident. His recovery was a long one that's still ongoin,g but he's snowboarding again, better than ever.

In the street crew last winter, filming for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD, Lucas was the MVP, or “The Foreman" as everyone called him. Although Lucas got seriously hurt twice this winter and he may not have put down the exact part he was hoping for, The Foreman was on every trip motivating everyone. He was the first man up in the morning to shovel and he would stay and encourage people to get their tricks until the very end. There are several stories from this winter that are all true about the crew literally having to steal shovels away from him when he broke his back, so that he wouldn't help out at spots. His enthusiastic bark that he's always letting loose when people land tricks is infectious and in the words of Lucas, "When there's stomping, then there's barking!" If you listen in the background of most of the street shots in SFD, you'll hear Lucas' voice yelling. Lucas doesn't drive, but sat shotgun in the van on both trips to Japan, helping about zero with navigation, but keeping the crew bouncing with beats and funny stories. We all can't wait to get back on another trip with him soon. Here are all of Lucas' raw clips from his SFD part, we hope you enjoy.

– John Cavan