photos: Mike Yoshida

Shaun White, joined by Mark McMorris and freeskiers Joss Christensen and Bobby Brown, congregated in Pasadena, California at the iconic Rose Bowl stadium to announce the Air & Style Los Angeles, which will take place February 21-22, 2015. The LA stop of the event is the first time that this prestigious, arena competition will take place in North America. The Air & Style LA will be the finals in a three-stop tour that begins in Beijing December 5-6, continues to Innsbruck January 16-17 and lands in California the following month. Mark McMorris expressed an interest in the mid-winter “break” in SoCal that the location will provide.

There was plenty of news about the new direction of the Air & Style. Shaun is curating the event to the ends that he described in his February 2014 interview with SNOWBOARDER, hoping to provide a venue that will welcome new people to snowboarding while celebrating some of the best riders in the world through the event itself. The Air & Style will emphasize the festival atmosphere, combining the competition as well as music, art, the slightly innocuous term,”technology”, a fashion show, and festival grounds that will accommodate families. As for the snowboarding itself, the competition arena will exist outside of the Rose Bowl in the parking lot to allow for spectators to walk around and check out everything. Snow Park Technologies will be building the set up, a scaffolding jump that will be sixteen stories high and the jump itself will measure out at seventy feet. Of the sixteen riders that will drop into the big air jump, eight have been invited and eight will earn their spots based on standings at the Air & Styles in Beijing and Innsbruck.

Confirmed riders for Air & Style LA:
Mark McMorris
Eric Willett
Kim Rune Hansen
Maxence Parrot
Antoine Truchon
Sven Thorgren
Sage Kotsenburg

Of course, more big news was that freeskiing is being introduced to the Air & Style for the first time, which isn’t a huge surprise considering the broad reach that Shaun is going for and similarly tiered multi-sport events like the X Games.

Stay tuned to for more info on the upcoming Air & Style events.