Summertime can be a drag for those who favor standing sideways in cold temperatures, but don’t fret, both California and Colorado offer solutions to the dog days of the warm season: Woodward Tahoe and Woodward Copper have plenty of snow to make turns, learn new tricks, and enjoy all the activities of summer camp with a heavy dose of boarding. Enjoy a highlight reel featuring the best of summer in both the Sierras and the Rockies and register for your summer shred session at Woodward Copper and Woodward Tahoe. Check out more on the Woodward website and register by March 14, 2016 to save $150.

Featuring Xander Raith, Aspen Weaver, Tyler Beroth, Josh Boeser, Blake Axelson, Ryland West, Kyle Kelley, Taylor Carlton, Tim Humphreys, Ben Elliot, Eric Royce,Brandon Cocard, Brian Wilson, and Kix Kamp.

Filmed by Sam Jorgensen and Ryan Sheets and edited by Sam Jorgensen.