Following up on 2014's Shredbots: The Movie, is the highly anticipated Shredtopia, the sophomore film offering from one of snowboarding's most energetic and enigmatic, always-ready-to-laugh-at-themselves power crews. For their 2015 movie, the Shredbots took an apropos approach, veering away from the traditional, individual part-driven film, instead following the group to different exotic shred destinations around the world. It's a fitting technique, as it further emphasizes the crew-driven mentality of this group of riders, who all are wholly capable of driving solo performances, yet succeed fully when collabing on every segment.

The Shredbots are known for three things: their inimitable sense of humor, their frenetic, energy-filled video style, and most of all, their seamless and ridiculous abilities when strapped into their snowboards. Shredtopia drives all three of these points home. The familiar line up if filled with heavy hitters: Torstein Horgmo, Craig McMorris, Andreas Wiig, Anto Chamberland, Brage Richenberg, Werni Stock, Darcy Sharpe, and Mark McMorris, who traverse from Canada to Norway, Australia to Switzerland, Japan to the US all in the name of having fun on their snowboards.

Furthering the sense that this is a crew-driven film, the parts of the movie blend between one another, going from park shoot to backcountry to backyard shred without notice, albeit with plenty of Shredbot humor interjected in the proceedings. As the movie opens, downunder laps are on the go. Proper park riding runs through the veins of this esteemed crew and so it's fitting that the Perisher park opens up the film. Torstein Horgmo, Brage Richenberg, Craig McMorris and more send it on the perfectly-raked transition to open up the film—though park riding is only the beginning of what this crew can accomplish.

While park laps come easily to this legendary cadre of snowboarders, it is the backcountry scenes with longtime Shredbot Andreas Wiig that showcase the powder prowess and limiteless ability of this accomplished crew. When Andreas, Torstein, Brage, and Craig duck the ropes, their take on in bounds freestyle translates to out of this world backcountry riding. From waist-deep powder in Japan to steep lines in Europe, there's little this cache of rider is unable to accomplish while impressing.

The list of cameos is as heavy as the main cast of riders, with stand in stand out performances by Dylan Thompson, Ulrik Baderstscher, Jess Kimura, Scotty James, Markus Kleveland and more. When a film includes Jeremy Jones and Jordan Small stepping in during a Bear Mountain park shoot, there is a depth to the proceedings rarely seen in mainstream snowboard movies. While the Shredbots can of course hold their own on any type on snow that lays in front of them, the allies they have in attacking transition are plentiful and powerful. When it comes down to it, the Shredbots are programmed to destroy everything in their path.

Massive backcountry cheesewedges are tackled by Andreas, Craig, Torstein. Anto Chamberlain displays significant prowess in the streets. There’s multiple spots and tricks that necessitate replays. But in true Shredbot style, the hammers are balanced by on hill antics. A late-movie transition brings the Bots to a super secret training facility that includes more trampoline in addition to the added transition.

The bottom line is that the Shredbots perform no matter what type of feature lays in front of them, be it double kinked rail, super poppy powder kicker, or intimidating terrain park table top. In Shredtopia, this crew puts down yet another banner performance that is more "all for one" than "one for all" and we will gladly be watching this film on repeat until the next iteration drops.