Sick Days 12/29—1/2/2017: Montreal, Canada with Ojo, Cole, and Darrell

words and photos by T. Bird

Montreal, Canada is a sleeper city for street riding, mainly due to the fact that Quebec kinda steals the spotlight up there and the emergence of the Déjà Vu crew years ago has made Quebec the de facto city for urban snowboarding for the past few years. But make no mistake, Montreal is just as legit. With a thriving scene, consistently good snowfall every winter and more spots than all the crews combined would know what to do with, it's one of the best cities on earth to film in. Not to mention, the people are insanely nice, the food is incredible, and there is tons to do when you're not filming. Last winter, Dillon Ojo, Cole Navin, Darrell Mathes and Jake Kuzyk were up there filming for Landline. so I hopped on a flight to jet up to the north country for a few days to link up with them. Unfortunately, Kuzyk flew in a few days later than the rest of the crew and I had recently found out that my wife and I would be having our first baby so I had to bail early and didn't get any shots of Jake, which is a bummer because he's one of the best dudes in the world to shoot with. However, it was an insane few days, being guided by Ojo, who grew in in Montreal, so we were taken to the best places to eat, drink and ride. Montreal is sick, and this trip was full of sick days. Ojo forever. – T. Bird

For most people, napping on the job would get them fired but for Cole and Ojo, it's a requirement in order to harden up the takeoff so it doesn't crumble.

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