Sick Days: Grizzly Gulch, Utah with Sage Kotsenburg and Bode Merrill

Last year, SNOWBOARDER Magazine produced and released Pepper, a full-length film featuring some of snowboarding’s biggest stars. Two of said stars were Bode Merrill and Sage Kotsenburg. Bode and Sage are two of the most recognizable faces in professional snowboarding. Sage won a gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which catapulted him to the household name elite while Bode is a two-time SNOWBOARDER Magazine Rider of the Year winner as well as a handful of X Games Real Snow gold medals, both in backcountry and street. This is precisely why, when they call you to shoot a photo, you drop everything and go out with them. For a few days in early April, Grizzly Gulch—home to iconic kickers such as Pyramid Gap and Chad’s Gap—was incredible, so we strapped on our Verts and hiked up for a few sessions in some hot pow. The end result were some sick days. —T. Bird

On this particular day, my good friend Aaron Blatt called me to come shoot second angle with him and although I didn’t put in any build time, he was kind enough to let me tag along and get a lens on one of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed. Bode’s front seven was ridiculous! Thanks Bode, and thanks Blatt for making my season!
Sage’s air awareness is freak-of-nature-esque. He always knows where he is and he always lands on his feet. That’s why he’s so damn good at what he does. He’s also transitioned from park to pow effortlessly, making him one of the best all-around riders alive today.
Same with Bode, as well. Every time Bode leaves the ground, you can just tell he’s super comfortable in the air. This back nine tail was sick.
I forgot to mention that during this session, we were having magazine meetings at Snowbird, which is a five minute drive from the parking lot to hike up here. I sat in meetings all morning, bailed on lunch and hiked up super quick, snapped this double cork backside 10 Japan of Sage and was back in meetings about two hours later. Again…thank you Blatt!
Bode Merrill; Grizzly Gulch, UT
Bode is arguably the best one-footer in the history of snowboarding. The shit he can pull off with one foot unstrapped is superhuman!
The kid is photogenic!
Here’s another angle of Bode man’s one-foot front three. Super tweaked and totally in control.
Bode man, contemplating the next go.
This was Sage’s warm-up trick for the backside double cork 1080. Insane.
Sage Kotsenburg; Grizzly Gulch, UT
This was at the end of an incredible day, capping off a ridiculous few days in sunny, warm, Utah-blue conditions. Thanks Sage and Bode for a remarkable session!

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