Sick Days: A Look Back at Rhode Island’s Historic Winter

Words and Photos: T. Bird

In early February, 2015, the ThirtyTwo crew hit me up to go on a trip to Rhode Island for a feature story in the magazine. It had been a historic winter on the east coast, especially New England. Little did I know how historic. The amount of snowfall that Boston received crippled the city for weeks on end and constricted the four-lane highway that is I-93 to one-and-a-half lanes at best due to the snow that couldn't be plowed any higher on the road. It was like driving through a tunnel. We decided to book it south to Rhode Island with Dylan Alito, Chris Bradshaw, Jordan Small and Brandon Hobush and we met up with some of the esteemed Yawgoons and their filmer, Dr. B. They showed us an incredible time in Li'l Rhody and we left with some insane shots, great memories and a new affinity for east coast jibbing.

The ThirtyTwo/Jetpack crew.

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