Sick Days: Salt Lake City, Utah

January 4—8, 2017

Some say that Salt Lake City, Utah is the Mecca of professional snowboarding in North America, and from what I’ve learned, I would have to agree. SLC plays host to every type of terrain that a snowboarder would want to ride. Street, park and pow is aplenty in Salt Lake, which is why hundreds of riders live in and flock to Salt Lake City every winter. In 2016/2017, Utah had one of their best winters in recent history and there were dozens of crews in and around Salt Lake all winter. In early January, I got hit up by a few members of the Vans team as they were filming for Landline. and the end result was four insane days of logging clips and stacking memory cards.
—T. Bird

…This photo, which ended up being the cover of our December issue. This is why Salt Lake City is the shit for both pro snowboarders and photographers alike.

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