sicktonary eEdge [ej] noun The metal material which wraps around the perimeter of a snowboard's base. Its sharp corners slice the snow for turning and bite it for stopping, thereby facilitating board control.


Edgeless [ej-les] adjective A snowboard devoid of edges. Its catch-free properties make it ideal for jibbing.


Endemic/non-endemic [Ehn-dehm- ik/Nahn Ehn-dehm-ik] adj: Code words used by the business-minded people in lieu of saying "core" and "sellout," respectively.


Epic [epik] adjective Anything that is worthy of being retold time and time again.


Eurocarve [Yuh-ro kahrv] noun An aggressive turn which involves a rider fully extending their body in parallel contact with the slope. Demonstrated by Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva in Burton's now-legendary 1989 team video Chill. This film features the one-piece-wearing duo arcing up a storm on asymmetrical boards as the Frenchman Jean Nerva declares, "You carve, you carve, you carve, no slide!"


EVA: Ethylene vinyl acetate is the scientific name for foam rubber. It can be found in all manner of snowboarding equipment, from boot bladders to binding straps to knock-off jester hats to padding on lift towers.