sicktonary hHaakon Flip [hawk-on fl-ip]noun Fakie frontside 720 backflip on your fakie frontside wall.


Haines, Alaska (Hey-nuz, Al-ask-uh): One of the premiere heli towns in the world. When the weather is good, the getting is better. When there is not much snow, Nicolas still makes do. When doing a trick like this, most people would make doo in their Hanes™, too.


Halfpipe [haf-pahyp] noun Two parallel walls of snow which incorporate transitions to form a semicircle (or half of a pipe), running down the fall line. Riders pump the transitions and ollie off of the lip. Also known as U-Tube, Stunt Ditch, or Paul Bunyan's dick mold.


Handcut [han-d-kuht] adjective A sculpted feature of snow created without the use of machinery. Digger's handiwork.


Handle Tow [Han-dul-toh] adj: Rope tows, which have handles incorporated into their design to promote ease of use.


Handplant [hahnd-plant]noun Mostly found in transitions or a mini-shred zone. Whenever one intentionally puts one hand on the snow and both feet in the air. Dozens of variations.


Hand Work [Hahnd Wurrk] noun: "Hand work" is required when the area in need of grooming cannot be accessed by a snowcat, or when precise fine-tuning of a feature is necessary. Usually needed on steep landings or when shaving the sides of a feature to form a sheer wall, hand work is the actual blood, sweat, and tears of builders worldwide.


Hardbooting [Hahrd-boot-eng] noun: When the stirrups aren't an option, riders are left with no other course of action but "hardbooting," which is when an individual rips a hard carve to the side of the trail to throw up.


Hardinghammed [Hahr ding hahm erd] adj The worst possible result of a situation where a person is attempting something they shouldn't but does it any ways because they are showing off and like people to think they are "invincible." "Andrew really Hardinghammed himself when he went to the Two For One night at that brothel in Indo without any condoms."


Hardpack [hahrd-pak] adjective Snow that has been groomed and ridden to a dense, firm consistency.


Hardway On [hahrd-wa on] noun: Spinning onto a jib feature opposite the natural direction that the jib was intended to be spun onto. Example: a regular footer switch frontside 270's onto a rider's left rail. Got it? Neither do we…


Harfing [Harph eeng] verb Related to Canadian beer drinking culture, "harfing" refers to snowy conditions in which large flakes are falling rapidly in a manner similar to projectile vomiting. "Fire up the snowblower you hoser. It's harfing out there."


Heelcup[heel-kuhp]  noun The piece of a binding which wraps around the back of a rider's foot. Its purpose is to transfer energy from a highback to the baseplate and vice versa.


Heli[hel-lee] nounA flying machine which gains lift through the rotation of giant top-mounted blades. Used to access the most exotic, remote terrain. Helicopters are hella awesome.


Helen Keller (Hell-in Kell-urr), noun: Any time a rider starts sliding across the surface of the snow on their planting hand as if they are trying to read a Braille Playboy.


Herb [Hurb] noun A snow-going novice who finds themselves out of their element within the alpine environment. Known to ignore their own inexperience and wreak havoc on others'enjoyment of the slopes. Also known as a "Joey."


Highback [hahy-bak] noun A molded extension of a binding that adds leverage, which is necessary to turn a snowboard and execute tricks.


Highway [hahy-wey] adjective A high-traffic section of a halfpipe, quarterpipe, hip, bank, or jump that gets over-ridden until a noticeable track appears. Pretty bitchin' for backies. Yow! Get verted, bro!


Highway Hit [Hi-wehee Hitt] noun: In early-generation halfpipes (à la Terry Kidwell's Tahoe City Dump ditch), "hits" were built on the lip of a banked wall to catalyze airtime due to a lack of real transition and propel the rider into the air. Shredders would snake their way through the tube and catch radical air with each hit. "Did you see Chris Roach's backside hit? It was so boned out!"


Hip [hip] noun A terrain feature that utilizes a traditional straight takeoff, but with a landing banked for vertical re-entry. Currently, hips are very hip.


Hippie Hop [Hih-p Hahp] noun: Derived from skateboarding, the hippie hop entails a snowboarder standing on their board with both feet unstrapped, riding toward an obstacle (like a rail, bench, dog, or table), jumping over the feature as their snowboard continues underneath it, and then landing back on top of their snowboard and riding away.


Hoar [hor] noun An outer layer of ice crystals formed when the air is warmer than the surface of the snow. The moist smog hits the cold snow to form a dirty, filthy hoar.


Ho-ho (Hoe-hoe), noun: A handplant made famous by pro skater Steve Schneer in the late eighties, where both arms are used to plant. Anyone who claims this is a trick in snowboarding is an idiot. Ho-ho-ers deserve to be bitch-slapped by the pimp hand of a real planter.


Homobiling [Hoh-moh Beel-ing] verb: When two dudes ride on a snowmobile tandem, nuts to butts. Ah, the hot breath on the back of the neck, the rhythmic vibrations of a two-stroke, gentlemanly musk permeating the alpine air, all the while surrounded by the breathtaking vistas. (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Actually, just buy your own sled, okay?


Hotbox [4:20] adj: When a dirty, filthy, stinky, sickly, sketchy, lazy, no-good hippie smokes cannabis in the enclosed confines of a gondola, the lack of ventilation causes the cabin to fill with intoxicating smoke.


Hot as Hell [Haht Ass Hehl] phrase: An expansion on the term "hot," when referring to speed. For example: "How hot shall I go into this kicker?" "Hot as hell!" Often shouted in an American drill-sergeant accent.


Hot Dog [hot-dawg] noun One who performs seemingly dangerous maneuvers while riding with the sole motivation of impressing others. Can be seen backflipping from boxes at your local end-of-the-year event.


Hot Garbage [haht gahr-bij] noun: A frontside boardslide where your board is turned well past the perpendicular 90˚ mark. The more your tail points down the hill, the hotter the garbage is.


Hot Pow [Haht Poww] adj: Sun-caked snow that contains more moisture than colder varieties. Despite its ideal appearance, the dense and grabby characteristics of hot pow give it the consistency of mashed potatoes, which makes it difficult to navigate and extremely treacherous in a landing. Unlike kung pao, once you've had your fill of hot pow, you aren't hungry for more any time soon.


Hot Toddy [hot tod-ee] noun: This common ski-town libation originated in Scotland. Though recipes differ greatly, the usual ingredients are honey and alcohol—the latter most likely being rum, brandy, or whiskey. The spirits and honey combine to give Hot Toddies their mythical healing properties, though bruised egos and broken hearts are the most common ailments cured by these warm winter concoctions.


Hot Tub [Haht Tuhb] adj: When a backcountry booter attempt goes awry and the rider hits the landing ass-first with their arms and legs flailing about. Depending on the snow depth, the bail ends in the rider appearing to be lounging lazily in a Jacuzzi. Hot Tubs are renowned for ruining landings.


Housed [Howzduh] noun: When you pipe-hit yourself so hard that you can't leave your house the following day


Huck [huk] verb The act of throwing oneself off of any feature, big or small, or trying any trick outside one's own abilities with no concern for physical harm. Go huck yourself!