Ice [ahys] noun Moisture that has been condensed and frozen until it reaches a rocklike state. Baby Mamma Earf's BLING BLING!


Indy [in-dee] noun Backside air using the trailing hand, reaching in front of your legs and locking onto a spot in between the bindings. Indy grabs usually wear black and listen to unreleased exclusive B-side garage tracks from their favorite Emo bands.


In-run [Ihn-ruhn] noun: The strip of snow that serves as the main runway to a jump's takeoff. The in-run is just as important as the landing, as the smoother and faster it is, the easier it will be for the rider to set up in order to perform a trick properly.


Insert [in-surt] noun A connection point built into a snowboard through which bindings are screwed on and held in place.


Invert[in-vehrt] noun Whenever your board goes over your head. In transition, it could be either a handplant or a flip.


Iridium (Ih-rid-deeyum), noun: Thermonuclear protection for your eyes.


Iron Cross [I-ruhn Krohs] noun: The award given to the member of the F.I.S. (Fédération International de Ski) that imposes the most hardships upon the sport of snowboarding