Jacked [Jaahkd] adj: Used when a rider falls hard enough to make on- lookers cringe and gasp in amazement of the resulting carnage. Other related terms are beasted, maxed, peaced, worked, or broken off.


Japan [jah-pan] noun Grab mute, and tweak the hell out of it by pulling it backwardsand arching your back.


Jasey Jay [Jehy see Jehy] verb Jasey Jay refers to Jasey Jay Anderson: Canadian Giant Slalom and Boardercross legend. It is the epitome of pointing it at a park or backcountry jump. "The dude was straight Jasey Jaying into that booter and he landed flat as shit!"


Jersey Handshake [Juhr-zee Hahnd-shaek] noun: Invented by Shaun White while lapping Mountain Creek during the 2006 Olympic tryouts, a "Jersey Handshake" is when one's hand is extended with the thumb up in an effort to hitch a ride to the top via an unsuspecting lift ride companion's body cavity.


Jib [jib] noun or verb A non-snow feature that can be slid or bonked, or the act of doing tricks on non-snow features. "I used a jib to straighten a rail so I could jib it."


Jib Board [jib-bord] noun: A board dedicated to, and utilized solely for, jibbing. Usually smaller and more flexible, jib boards are used when a rider doesn't care if they gouge, de- laminate, or break it. Concrete ledges do more damage to snowboard bases than most jibs, so bring a jib board.


Jig-back [Jig Bak] noun: Any two-vesseled lift which utilizes the downward momentum of one vessel to propel the other uphill.


Jump [juh-m-pee] noun or verb A feature that is a ramp which allows riders to catch air. Also, the act of harvesting air.