sicktionary JP & Jeremy

Brian Thien, Jeremy Jones, and JP walker. Nixon Jibfest, Snow Summit, CA 2000 P: Rob Mathis

Ofosho [Oh-foh-sho] noun: A word used when in agreement. "You down to tool up this kink?" The response would therefore be, "Ofosho."

Bolts [Bohltz] adj: Similar to "solid," but not limited to just skate or snow. You could have anything from a nice meal to a nap that could be described as "bolts."

Beastie [Bees-tee] adj: A substitute description for "gnarly." Insert accordingly, and feel free to shorten the term to simply "beast."

Sadat [Sah-daht] noun: Beer, or any alcoholic beverage besides wine.

Stout [Stowwwt] noun: Girl, female, babe, broad. "Dang, that stout is beastie. I wouldn't tool that up if you paid me."

Swoop [Swooup] verb, noun: A verb but also a noun. When you are on a road trip and want to stop at a gas station and swoop something, "swoop" is what you are swooping—any items that are high in sugar content with a grip of empty calories. Swoop isn't available at restaurants; it's only at corner stores, gas stations, and kiosks. "Simon, we've been driving for awhile. Let's stop and cop some swoop."

Chunt [Chuhhhhnt] noun: What you feel like after copping too much "swoop."

PBC [Pee-Bee-See] noun: Paralyzed By Coolness. A disorder that's often achieved later in one's shred career, though not always the case. When you become so concerned with being and looking cool that you cease to exist due to fear of looking stupid. Lots of second-guessing of outfits, trick selection, and music choices. Anything that was a favorite at one point is now questioned to the point of paralysis.

Mob Out
[Mahb Owwt] verb: When it's time to go, it's time to "mob out."

Peep Game
[Peeeep Gaym] noun: A term one would say to a homey if they wanted him them to watch. Also something one say when they wanted to check footy on video, in which case "game" would also mean "footy."

Tool Up [Tuuuul Uhp] verb: Almost anything is tool up-able. One can tool up a sadat or two before a rail session, a stout, or a rail.

Poog [Pooooog] noun: Someone that bugs you. "That chump is a poog."

Doubtfit [Doutfiht] noun: When one is wearing a questionable outfit.

Marinate [Mare-ih-nate] noun: Another term for thinking about something concernedly. If one were trying a certain trick on a feature and wasn't landing, they would then "marinate" on it in hopes of landing said trick.

Pipe Hit [Pihp Hiht] noun: Not to be confused with a hit in the pipe, a "pipe hit" is the result of a hard bail, though you can also deliver a "verbal pipe hit" on someone. For example: "That ski patroller pipe-hit me after I ollied that 'Slow' sign."

Housed [Howzduh] noun: When you pipe-hit yourself so hard that you can't leave your house the following day.

Ping [Pihng] verb: When the tip of your snowboard hits a rail as you ollie up to slide, making a distinct "ping" sound. Usually followed with a hard pipe hit or one getting housed.

Guest Shreditor [Gehst Shrehd-ih-tur] noun: You're reading it. It's a JP and Jeremy special edition, son!