Kicktail [Kihk-taell] noun: In 1989, if you weren't riding "fakie" you were either a total pussy or still cruising around on a stick that didn't have a "kicktail." The Sims 1650 Terry Kidwell Roundtail was the first bi-directional board widely available (the term "twin tip" wasn't invented until at least 1991).


Kink [kingk] noun Any point where the angle of a rail changes sharply, or an imperfection in the radius of a transition.


Knuckledraggin' [Nukkl-drah-gen] noun: This one-time derogatory word used by old-school two-plankers to describe shredders has recently resurfaced and gained newfound fame as a new-school flatground phenomenon. The name literally denotes what it is. Whenever a rider is dragging their knuckle off of a knuckle in handplant fashion, they are knuckledraggin'.