Magic Carpet [Maj-ik Kar-pit] adj: Conveyor belts which allow riders to simply stand on the surface and move uphill.


Marinate [Mare-ih-nate] noun: Another term for thinking about something concernedly. If one were trying a certain trick on a feature and wasn't landing, they would then "marinate" on it in hopes of landing said trick.


McTwist [mik-twizt] noun Inverted back- side 540 in the halfpipe or on a quarterpipe.


Meat Wagon [met wahgahn] noun Kicking a method and grabbing the toe edge with both hands over the base of your board.


Melancholy [mel-an-cho-lee] noun With your leading hand, grabbing your heel edge between your bindings by reaching behind your legs while keeping your board parallel to the slope. Commonly referred to as a "melon."


Method [meth-uhd] noun The lifting of the board behind the back of the rider and then being thrust forward perpendicular to the rider so the base is facing downhill. Ideally grabbed around the leading foot. The epitome of snowboarding style.


Michael Jackson [mik-uhl jahk-sun] pervert: A 50-50 slid on your toe edge. The moonwalk of the snowboard world, popularized by one Scott E. Stevens (but invented by Ricky Tucker).


Michalchuk [Mihk uhl chuhk] noun Invented by famed Canadian Olympian Shred and big game bow hunter Mike Michalchuk, a "Michalchuck" is a heave-ho backside rodeo in the halfpipe.


Midiwill [Mihd-wihl] name: Good old Will Lavigne—always there for a good laugh.


Midstation [Mid Sta-shun] noun: The points at which ski lifts are split up to provide users an opportunity to unload. Occasionally, midstations are utilized when a lift changes course.


Mini-shred (Min-ee Sh-redduh): Dorking around on little stuff. Can make for some technically challenging riding (see picture here), or can be an excuse for people of sub-par skill level trying to look good.


Misty Flip [miss-t fl-ip] noun McTwist off a straight jump. The term is loosely thrown around by hippies, townies, and guys still riding the Morrow Lunchtray.


Mob Out [Mahb Owwt] verb: When it's time to go, it's time to "mob out."


Mogul [moh-guhl] noun Dense mounds of snow created when a powdery or slushy slope gets excessively tracked. Preferred by hot-dogging skiers and detested by all but the most misguided and macho snowboarders. Moguls reached their height of popularity during the mid-eighties.


Monoski [Maah-noh-skee] noun: A revolutionary Polish ski construction which utilizes 50% less edge, core, tip, and tail materials than conventional methods.


Mossin' [Mah sihn] adj During an alpine picnic, members of a group would be indeed "mossin,'" in that they sit around and chill, like moss on a tree. "It was an alpine picnic this weekend, so we were straight mossin.'"


Mosquito [mohz-kit-oh] noun A melancholy grab, while pointing the board perpendicular to the snow.


Muahwahwahwahwah [Huh?] no clue: Insert anywhere and any time for fun, especially after a bold statement. Sound and length can vary to the user of the statement. "Hey, Teddy—remember that time I was doing your wife? Muahwahwahwahwah!"


Murphy Flip [Murf-ee Flihp] noun: Any multi-degree spin (i.e. 720, 900, 1080, etc.) which starts flat and incorporates a corkscrew into the last rotation. Invented by accident in the winter of '98 by man on a mission Jason Murphy, this trick has recently gained popularity amongst new-school slopestyle riders. For the record, these spins are not double corks! There is a difference.


Mushroom Tree (Mush-rum Tre) noun:  Not to be confused with mushroom tea (though they can be a real trip). Often found in the Asian alpine, these white-capped trees amass frozen precipitation on their upper branches, allowing riders to launch to or from their tops.


Mute [muht] noun With your leading hand, grab in front of you and in between your bindings on your toe edge.