Nailer [Na-ler] adj: Anyone who is known to routinely "nail" tricks.


NBD: "Never Been Done." Many think that it pertains to the phrase "No Big Deal," but there have been too many times in which we've heard some painted-on-panted, dreamcatcher-dangling, "over it" trust fund sno-bro gypster audibly and sarcastically announce it in the liftline after explaining their sub-par trick simply for attention. So we decided to change it. Also, we will punch anyone in the balls if we hear them do what was previously mentioned. No big deal.


Negative [neg-uh-tiv] adjective A binding angle which is directed towards the tail of a snowboard.


Nipple-Deep [Nih-puhl Deeeeeeep] adj: When the snow is literally up to your nipples.


NoBoard [noh-bohrd] noun: A specialized topsheet pad with a strategic strap running along its length, enabling the user to get a surflike sensation in powder sans bindings. Developed by the late, great Greg Todds in the BC interior in the late nineties, NoBoarding has recently become the de rigueur mode of descent for powder snobs everywhere. (Think fixed-gear bikes for first descents.) Say "Yes" to the "No"!


Nollie [n-ol-ee] verb Reverse of the ollie. Begins with pressure on the nose, and is much more difficult and less practical than the ollie.


Nose [nohz] noun The upturned portion of a snowboard at its leading end. Also referred to as the "tip."


Nose Press [noz prehs] noun Leaning forward on a rail/ledge/box so that your tail lifts up and you're balancing solely on the nose.


Nosepress [nohs-prehs] noun: Ollieing onto a feature and landing on your nose while focusing most of your weight over your front foot and lifting your tail off of the obstacle. Don't tap that tail, either, or it doesn't count.


Nuclear [noo-klee-er] noun Kick a method, bring your trailing hand in front of your body, and grab your heel edge towards the nose of your board.


Nutcracker [Nuht Krak-ur] adj: Rope tows, which utilize "personal" handles to be engaged by the user. Very difficult for novice riders to use.