OB: "OB" is short for out of bounds, which is a phrase that denotes the outer reaches of a ski resort's patrolled area.


Off-Axis [ahf ax-iz]noun Anything between a corkscrew and rodeo. Wicked sick.


Ofosho [Oh-foh-sho] noun: A word used when in agreement. "You down to tool up this kink?" The response would therefore be, "Ofosho."


Offsides [Ohf siidz] verb A term used to describe when a person or group isn't being fair or crosses some line of common decency. "Dude, that was offsides. You never take someones last du Maurier Fuckin' eh."


Off the Toes [Ohf thuh Tos] adj: Most commonly seen in the age- old frontside rodeo, it describes which edge a rider utilizes on the takeoff when performing a frontside rotation. Nowadays, it is more common for a rider to spin off of their heels, but spinning off their toes gives a rider more pop, and—if done right—looks way cooler.


Oh, Bollocks! [O Bahl-uhks] phrase: When something goes wrong, you fuck shit up, or are about to crash. Not to be confused with…


Old School [old skool] adjective Anything that invokes the past.


Ollie [ol-ee] verb One fluid motion required to "jump." Begins with exerting pressure on the tail, pulling up on the front leg, and then snapping up with the back leg.


On the Bubble [Ahn Thuh Buhbbl] adj: To the casual network television armchair snowboarding enthusiast, one would think our sport was rife with 'roids. No, we're not talking about steroids; we're talking about hemorrhoids. When announcers quip that a rider is "on the bubble," it doesn't mean that their contest preparation includes that of the "H" variety. Rather, it simply means that a competitor is on the brink of advancing to the next stage of competition, so long as their scores stand. If this wasn't the case, we'd see a lot more backside grabs.


Overall Impression [Oh-vurr-ahll Ehm-presh-uhn] noun: A form of judging which alleviates the need for the judge's accountability based on specific merits. Snowboard contest judging is the only known arena where overall impression is used as a determining factor in one's result. Other instances where judging based on overall impression would be welcome are field sobriety tests, credit scores, and when your significant other asks you if a pair of jeans makes her ass look big.


Overhead (Oh-ver-Hed) adjective: Originally used in surfing to describe wave size, this phrase has entered the snowboard world in order to explain how high a snowboarder is going above the deck. If further explanation is needed, see "Moron."