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Sicktionary Keith Wallace

Keith "Duckboy" Wallace, Mt. Hood, OR. P: Jon Foster

Since reverse camber and DayGlo seem to have made the seamless transition from retro to chic over the past few seasons, SNOWBOARDER decided to go back twenty years to unearth some long-forgotten shred terms to see if they can still cut it in the new millennium.
-Pat Bridges & T. Bird

Ganked [Gahnkd] noun: Referring to a stolen item, usually a snowboard. "Dude, I went inside for a Tab and when I came back outside I saw that my Barfoot got ganked!" Though much has changed in snowboarding's minute history, ganking someone's board is still totally not tubular, bro.

Bone [Bohn] adj: Extending or poking either one's front or back leg while in the air for added style. Though "tweak" is now the popular term for getting aggro to the max, "bone" was once commonplace on the chairlift.

Highway Hit [Hi-wehee Hitt] noun: In early-generation halfpipes (à la Terry Kidwell's Tahoe City Dump ditch), "hits" were built on the lip of a banked wall to catalyze airtime due to a lack of real transition and propel the rider into the air. Shredders would snake their way through the tube and catch radical air with each hit. "Did you see Chris Roach's backside hit? It was so boned out!"

Decal [Dee-kahl] noun: Though now commonly referred to as stickers, decals first became popular as a way to adhere graphics to surfaces which couldn't directly be printed on. Once the hobby shops that catered to hot-rodders and model-toy enthusiasts started selling skateboards, they continued to advertise their Vato Rat and OJII stickers as "decals."

Righteous [Riech-ehss] adj: Before tricks were banger, gnarly, dope, ill, steezy, fresh, or tight, they were "righteous."

Kicktail [Kihk-taell] noun: In 1989, if you weren't riding "fakie" you were either a total pussy or still cruising around on a stick that didn't have a "kicktail." The Sims 1650 Terry Kidwell Roundtail was the first bi-directional board widely available (the term "twin tip" wasn't invented until at least 1991).

Beef [Beeeeeef] noun: While the Beatles stole "Helter Skelter" from Charles Manson, Biggie and Tupac stole "beef" from the world of shred. In the eighties, every time an aerial went awry, no matter if you were vegan, Hindu, Hasidic or had high blood pressure, beef was the end result.

Foam Core [Fohm Kohr] noun: A cheap and fireproof alternative to wood as a core material, foam was significantly heavier than other alternatives. Foam also lacked the inherent memory required to maintain ideal flex characteristics. Twenty years ago, all entry-level boards were made with foam cores. Today, they are made with Chinese Labor.

Halldor Helgason

This content was originally published in the December 2009 issue.


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