Q'in and Brewin' [Q-ihn ehn Bruuehn] phrase: To barbecue and drink brews (beer).

Quarterpipe [kwarter-pahyp] noun A single transitioned wall running either along or perpendicular to the fall line that enables riders to perform a single trick.


Québec City (Kuh-beck Sit-ee) noun The capital of the Canadian province of Québec, it holds a metric population of 528,595. As Canada's answer to Salt Lake City, Québec's rails and ledges are shaping some of today's most notorious jibbers, including LNP, Nic Sauvé, Ben Bilocq, Max Baillargeon, Marie-France Roy, Frank April, Charles Gagnon, Will Lavigne, etc., etc.


Québexican (Kuh-becks-ih-Kan) noun Québécois. Known for traveling in large, fast-talking packs and making quick work of urban features. Their French-spitting faces confuse even the most eloquent Parisians, and with their frugal ways and diverse exteriors, Québexicans make for an interesting study. They are swiftly becoming the poster boys for new-age progression in urban riding. Tabernac!