Sicktionary: W

Wallride (Wahl-ryde) noun When the base of a snowboard is firmly planted against a wall made of cement, wood, brick, flesh, plastic, or silicone. The implementation of jumps is optional, as well as dragging one hand behind you when on the wall (properly called a "layback.") The "Y" axis is totally the new "X".




Wand [Waahnd] noun: A common term among the ski racing populace, a wand is a rod that possesses mythical or superhuman properties, more often than not utilized by a wizard, warlock, or technical delegate.




Westside [wehs-sid] noun: You bitches better not f**k with the Westside goofyfooters. Word!




White-out [hwahyt-out] noun Snow falling so heavily that visibility is greatly restricted. The density of the falling flakes causes one's field of vision to be dominated by white hues.




White Room [Wite Rum] noun:  When one puts up enough of a spray to completely submerge themselves and virtually vanish in a "room of white." Derived from surfing's "green room," in which a surfer is completely engulfed in the tube of a wave. Though colder, the white room isn't quite as cool, but can be equally hot.




Wildcat [Wihld kaht] noun A straight, tip over tail backflip, or loop, to be exact. Glamorized by the infamous "Wildcats," Devun Walsh, JF Pelchat, Dave Cashen, Chris Brown, Dionne Delasalle, Chris Dufficy and others brought the unique invert to the masses. The opposing trick would be a "Tamedog," which is a nollie, tail over tip frontflip. And yes, Lil' Bastards is still the greatest snowboard movie ever.




Winch Cat (Winn-sh Kat) noun: A type of snow cat which uses a winched cable anchored to an uphill support for increased leverage when climbing steep slopes. Winch cats have done more harm to the bump-skiing subculture than bad coke, UV rays, and rear-entry ski boots put together.




Window Shopping [Wihn-doh Shopp-ihng] noun: When a photographer or rider waits for a pocket of good light while filming or shooting. After the runway's been packed and requisite "ro-sham-bo's" thrown, window shopping can be frustrating, but patience usually pays off, as the photo or the footage will turn out better than if shot in cloudy conditions.




Wintervention [Win-tehr-vehn-shun] noun: A group intervention caused by a friend's lack of attendance at the mountain. Usually due to said friend being a pussy (or getting too much of it).




Wu-Tang [Woo Tang] adj First used as the moniker for a famed early-nineties Breckenridge booter known for having a lot of kick. Wu-Tang, or "Wu" for now, is now used to describe any jump with a steep takeoff. "That Wu-Tang booter ain't nothing to f**k wit."