Sicktionary: Y


Yellow Snow (Yel-loh Snoh) noun A patch of snow that has been urinated on, often to mark territory, practice cursive, or (for those less well-endowed) shorthand. The size and/or depth of the patch determines how much liquid the pisser has ingested. Known to slow down run-ins but speed up the regurgitation process if consumed. Yellow snow, yellow faces, yellow beer, yellow passenger seats…they're all good revenge tactics.




Yo-yo [Yoh Yoh] verb: Unlike like traditional winching, where a stationary deadman cat is connected by a cable to a winch cat which shoulders the grooming duties, yo-yo-ing is an advanced technique which enables both cats involved in the belaying to be mobile. In yo-yo-ing, the winch cat takes the higher ground while a lighter cat with its tiller removed is tethered to it from below and tasked with manipulating the snow on the steep terrain.




Yurt [n/a] noun An alpine structure created to contain the stink of hippies after a climb. Also known as a hippie doublewide.