Sicktionary: A

sicktonary a

Access Road [Ak-sehs Rohd] noun: Found mainly in mountain towns, an access road is usually the lone passageway providing "access" to a resort. A good access road boasts looming snowbanks, poor visibility, hairpin turns, empty luxury hotels,empty luxury condos, crowded bars, and plenty of pow to be plowed.


Acroski [Akk-roh-skee] noun: From the late 1960s until the mid 1990s, the unfortunate spectators of ski ballet competitions (later re-named "acroskiing") were treated to choreographed ski-dance routines combining flips, rolls, pole pivots, and pirouettes performed to music. Ironically enough, the root origin of "acro" means "height," which was not incorporated in this highly suspect recreation, begging the question, "Why the fuck did they rename it acroskiing?"


Alley-Oop [al'ee – Ooh'p] noun, adjective A spin in the halfpipe in which you rotate against the flow of the pipe. For example, spinning backside on your frontside wall


À la carte [Ahh lahh Kahrt] adj:  When one uses private lift lines or closed trails by partnering up with a friend or acquaintance that has privileges. "My buddy patrols at _____ Mountain, so when I go there, I get à la carte service in the lift line."


Alpine Picnic [Ahl pihn Pihk nihk] noun When a crew gets skunked by the weather and ends up sitting around the backcountry all day talking shit.


Asymmetrical [ey-suh-me-trik-el] adjective Snowboards designed with distinctive toe- and heel-edge shapes or flexes.


Alpine [al-pahyn] adjective A snowboard specifically geared to racing. It features a low-profile nose, narrow waist, stiffer flex, little to no tail kick, and a specialized racing base. Riders of these tend to have low-profile lifestyles, narrow minds, stiffer necks, and get little to no tail.


Amplitude [Am-pluh-tuuud] noun: To what degree a rider is utilizing the active ingredients of an energy drink, be it taurine, ginseng, guaraná, caffeine, or methamphetamines, while performing a given trick.


Avalanche [av-uh-lanch] noun A mass of snow released down a slope. This pull of gravity on the snowpack is most often triggered by changing snow or weather conditions, precautionary agitation, or an unsettling interference. Also known as

Mother Nature's snowy diarrhea.


Après [ah-prey] preposition The act of carousing after a day on the mountain. Most often associated with Moon Boots, Jimmy Buffet cover bands, and Hot Toddy drink specials.


Aggro [ag-gro] adjective Anything that is tweaked, contorted, and aggressive. Pretty much the opposite of grandparents and Ted Martin.



Awesome [aw-suhm] adjective Very impressive. Often used to describe tricks, conditions, bars, girls, cleavage, cougars, or anything else that is amazing. Can also be used as a verb, as in," Hey, Broseph, I'm going to do an awesome off this booter!